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After working closely with the owners of small businesses, non-profit boards and professional practices since 1981 first as CPA's and eventually as strategic financial advisors, Brightstone Advisors was established as a natural extension of our core competencies of tax, valuation principles and financial planning.  It was as apparent to us at our founding as it is today that many clients prefer tailored and seasoned advice from a trusted advisor who has a deep understanding of their personal financial profile and is in tune with their financial goals and objectives over an advisor that uses a one-size fits all financial product as the solution to their needs.  Our clients know that real value lies in the relationship and relevance to their particular situation that we cultivate and not in a financial product designed for mass distribution.  That is why we choose not to sell any products but instead offer relevant advice and counsel based upon years of experience on a proactive basis.        


Our professionals hold the credentials of CPA as well as CFP and adhere to a rigorous professional code of ethics as well as a continuing education requirement to maintain their technical competency.  We define our success by the success of the clients we serve and the length of the relationships we maintain - many of which date back to our founding. We know and understand that the success that we have achieved and are so proud to discuss only exists when true value is delivered on a regular basis at fair prices and in a honest and transparent way.    


We believe that our best work is yet to come and we continue to welcome new clients to the Brightstone Way so that more may benefit from the magic of a solid advisor/client relationship and the success that can be achieved with the practice of financial wellness with a trusted advisor. 


To learn more, we encourage you to contact us at your convenience and take advantage of our complimentary, no-obligation consultation of one hour or less.  We're here to serve and hope to hear from you soon.

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