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Financial Wellness the Brighstone Way

The professional staff at Brightstone Advisors understand that your financial health is a critical component of your overall sense of well being and when it is not in good order, it can have an undesirable effect on your physical health as well as others who are counting on you.  That is why we are dedicated to helping our clients maintain good financial health in all that we do on a continuous and proactive basis and that is why we call it "financial wellness" rather than "financial planning".  We believe in the benefits of planning but also recognize that all plans are dynamic and not static.  As changes in families occur (births, deaths, divorces) or as economic conditions and tax laws change, financial plans must also change and adapt to stay relevant.  Also, just as there are good habits that can be adopted with the practice of health and wellness, so too are there good habits that can be adopted with the practice of financial wellness.  By engaging Brightstone Advisors, you get it and are accepting the fact that the art of financial planning is a constant work in process that is never really finished but can be practiced on a regular basis for the benefits that it generates.  The primary components of a financial plan that you can expect as a client of Brightstone Advisors over time include the following:


  • Investment management:
    • Needs analysis, risk tolerance and time horizon assessments;
    • Summary of financial goals and objectives;
    • Investment policy statements;
    • Portfolio design and asset allocation;
    • Tax loss harvesting and required minimun distributions; and
    • Performance reporting and re-balancing to target allocations.
  • Tax services:
    • Annual income tax preparation and planning;
    • Business income tax preparation and planning;
    • Reportable gifts.
  • Estate and Wealth Transfer planning;
  • Cash flow analysis and debt reduction strategies;
  • Company benefits analysis and planning;
  • Retirement planning; 
  • College funding; and
  • Risk mitigation analysis from longevity, divorce, disability, premature death, etc. 


It is common for Brightstone Advisors to coordinate with your other advisors that may include attorneys, insurance specialists and others to build a team approach that assures that you receive service from professionals who have the depth of knowledge that is necessary to accomplish your financial goals.  It is also common for Brightstone Advisors to periodically update a Statement of Financial Condition for each client so that a comprehensive review and analysis can be performed at key intervals.  


Ultimately, our service package is designed to be a constant in an ever changing world to help our clients practice financial wellness as a foundation for their good physical health as well as their strong spiritual health (body, mind and soul).   When all three are in good order and your financial foundation is strong, you will have accomplished more than most.   


Give us a call today to discuss how engaging a financial advisor from Brightstone Advisors can bring cost-effective value to you and those you love.    



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